About us

Is Beatrice's story about you? 

No, it is a concoction of many experiences and observations. Bumbling Bea has a long history.  It was conceived in 1973 when  I took a trip with my parents to Japan.  My mother was born in Japan (her parents were missionaries there in the 1930's) and we toured the country for the first time since my mother lived there.  For me, one of the most exciting experiences was attending the National Kabuki Theater in Tokyo.  I was mesmerized. I loved all the spectacle and pageantry.  In particular, I was intrigued that men portrayed all the characters, including the women's roles in the play. I thought a story about a girl who wanted to be a Kabuki actor would be an unusual perspective.    I carried the story around in my mind, working on the plot from time to time.  Then in 2012 I finally put the story to paper.  My love of theatre, many years of directing plays, teaching drama to middle grade students and my own experiences as a mother completed the plot.  And it didn't hurt that I'd been a girl much like Beatrice when I was in eigth grade (luckily minus all the drama). I enjoyed every minute of writing it. 
When Deborah was ten years old, she saw the film of '"Mary Poppins"  for the very first time and was immediately hooked on performing. Now a drama teacher for over thirty years with two teaching licenses (Colorado & Missouri), she has directed more than two hundred musicals and plays alike. Sometimes she is so busy, she has been known to direct as many as four productions at once! Deborah lives in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado with her husband and two quirky cats. She has two grown daughters who are the best of friends and a wonderful step son. When she isn't teaching, directing, writing or reading she enjoys seeing movies and traveling.
Check out her blog at: dramamommaspeaks.wordpress.com